When you think about camping the first thing  which comes into your mind is probably your tent. Am I right? Tents and camping trips are linked together like campfire and marshmallows. But latest trends in camping have changed or extended this connection: hammock camping is on the rise. Sleeping in a hammock has been common in Central and South America for a long time. Why? Because hammocks especially made for sleeping are comfortable, easy to setup and more enjoyable. Hammock camping offers a bunch of great benefits. You don’t believe me? Then you definitely should read this post.


#1 Sleep better due to more comfort

If you are coming home happy but exhausted from your last camping trip, it is probably due to one of these well known comfort killers: rocks, roots, mud, bugs or the uneven ground. Hammock camping allows you to get rid of all these things. I admit, getting used to sleep in a hammock needs some tries, but once you know the perfect hang, you will have the best night’s sleep ever. So if you want to leave behind this feeling of „I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again“, go with a hammock. It will transform your camping experience completely.


#2 Remain independent on every trip

Hammocks offer you freedom when it comes to find your overnight spot. Besides looking for two trees, you can tie your hammock between rocks, pillars or any other solid object. This allows you to wake up on places, where it is undesirable to pitch a tent like near river beds, next to a waterfall, on steep terrain …

Plus a hammock offers you not only a comfortable place to sleep. If you need a rest after hours of hiking you can take a nap, read a book or just relax in your hammock.

Even if the wheater forecast announces rain you don’t have to worry. Bringing a tarp or a hammock with rain fly you won’t struggle to find a dry spot. You are above the ground away from puddles and soaked soil.


#3 Easy to set up

With a simple suspension system, a hammock is easy and quick to set up. Plus you don’t have to care about the ground underneath you. While tent camper struggle with poles and looking for the perfect spot away from rocks, roots or bumpy ground, you are ready to relax in your hammock.


#4 Inhale – Exhale: enjoy openness and fresh air

What is your goal with camping? Of course, to get as much nature and fresh air as possible. Hammock camping makes the difference. You fall asleep with a view to the stars, open your eyes to the morning sun and get consistent fresh air. Im am sure you are familiar with this experience of waking up in your tent, and the only thing you want to do, is to get out of this sauna as soon as possible. After waking up in a hammock you can enjoy the morning. Just watch and listen to the nature around you, without doing anything but opening your eyes.



#5 Includes all tent features

Due to great accessories for hammock camping you won’t miss any features a tent has. You can bring a rain tarp, bug net, thermo pads or underquilts with your hammock. And that’s the point, you carry this gear only if you need it.

With all these benefits, you definitely should get a hammock and experience it yourself. And if you still want to keep up with a tent, you can get gear, which does both. So called hammock tents, tree tents or suspension tents, which can be used as hammock or tent are available too. With flying tent and other hammock tents you can combine the benefits of hammock camping, but maintain the security of tents.

As mentioned before, it may take a few nights, to get used to sleep in a hammock, but you should give it a try. Maybe you will find a new way to improve your camping experience.

But after all nothing beats having a hammock on your trip even if you prefer spending the night in your tent 😉


Photos: Georg Lindacher & Patrick Klopf