You’ve arrived and decide: “This is where I am going to spend the night.”

In principal, we look forward to setting up camp for the night. However, if there is one thing about camping that can get on your nerves it’s putting up your tent. This applies particularly to people travelling by themselves. Wouldn’t it be extremely useful to have four hands when painstakingly threading the poles through the holes so that you can finally put up the tent?

flying tent set up

The pop-up tent has certainly changed the life of campers for the better (apart from the process of packing up). As well as being small, flying tent has the same smart pop-up function. This is how it works: simply take the tent out of the bag, release the security strap, open the three clips and your tent-hammock is ready to use. Obviously, you want to be flexible as an adventurer and get into your comfy night camp quickly and without any hassle.

You can see in the video below exactly how flying tent is set up.

flying tent – bivy tent 


flying tent – hammock tent


flying tent packing

I guess now you’ll think: “Well, setting up might be easy but how about packing the tent?”. As you know, this can often be the tricky part. flying tent offers a clever and easy way of packing. It’s best to try it once or twice until you’ve worked out the steps. That way, taking down the tent will be a quick and smooth process.


flying tent guarantees that the set up and packing process will be easy.
In the meantime stay tuned and find out soon why flying tent offers you even more flexibility during your outdoor adventures.