Have you ever asked yourself, why flying tent actually has a rain poncho function? We have noticed that the fourth function of our multifunctional companion gets lost slightly. Therefore, in this short article, we will introduce our flying tent rain poncho.

If fashion-consciousness does not affect your choice for equipment, you will definitely appreciate the safety of a rain poncho during a quick drizzle. Versatility is essential for good hiking equipment. A rain poncho is very useful and a versatile gear to have in your backpack. Compared to a conventional rain jacket, a rain poncho protects your backpack as well and none of your things will get wet. Large rain ponchos, like the flying tent poncho, come down below the knees. You can safely sit down on wet trees or benches.


How to use your flying tent poncho in multiple ways plus nice features

Besides the general advantages of a rain poncho, the flying tent poncho offers some additional features.
Keep on reading and find out about nice features and how the flying tent poncho scores in the most important categories.


1. Hammock

As you probably already know, the rain poncho works as hammock of the flying tent.


2. Tarp or awning

Since the rain poncho has a large rectangle shape, it works great as a tarp or an awning.


3. Groundsheet

For wet or dirty ground, you can use your poncho as a groundsheet.


4. Adjustable in length

The length of the rain poncho can be individually adjusted via the drawcords at both shoulders.


5. Hood peak

Even the hood of the poncho is well-conceived. The hood peek keeps water off your face.


6. Waterproof inner pocket

You want to store your flashlight or your pocket knife ready to hand and rain-protected? No problem, the rain poncho offers you a waterproof inner pocket with zip.


flying tent rain poncho scores in all categories

The flying tent poncho is very versatile and offers great features, but what about relevant categories for outdoor adventure?

Water resistance: There is nothing more unpleasant and dangerous than getting soaked by rain. The flying tent rain poncho is designed as a tarpaulin poncho with robust material offering a hydrostatic head of 5000mm. All seams are taped, and no water soaks through.

Windproof: A poncho keeps you dry in the storm, but it will also protect you from the wind. This is very important in cold weather. Windchill brings down the actual minimum temperature depending upon the wind speed.

Weight: When hiking, every gram on your back counts. The weight of the flying tent rain poncho balances weight with durability. The robust material and the high hydrostatic head rate cause slightly more weight compared to conventional rain ponchos, but with 860g the poncho contributes still a little to the overall backpack weight.

Durability: The best rain ponchos for hiking are reliable and accompany you for a long-time. The flying tent rain poncho uses 150DN Oxford Nylon. The material is very robust, resistant to cracks, and the poncho won’t get damaged by continuous use as you hiking through forests and branches.

Features: As explained above, the flying tent rain poncho provides a few additional features, such as the hood peak or the adjustability in length. These little design details matter and make the difference.

Now as you know, a rain poncho is a really useful tool and as a hiker or backpacker you should carry it with you – even if you only use it as dressing room ????  Or do you have more ideas? Send us some pictures. If you are interested in further applications and hacks for rain ponchos, you can look forward to future articles on survival hacks.