The award-winning Carinthian outdoor enterprise Campfire Outdoors GmbH has obtained new capital from the Carinthian Economic Assistance Fund to enable further growth.

After the successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, which resulted in revenue of EUR 471,000, the product “flying tent” was awarded the ISPO Brand New Award at the worldwide largest sports fair in Munich. Moreover, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Dr Christoph Leitl, and the Federal Minister for Science, Research and Economy, Dr Harald Mahrer, presented the “BornGlobalChampion” award to the company. In October, the new webshop was awarded the Top of Webshop Award 2017 by the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce.


In May, the first customers received their long-awaited products. A myriad of pictures of the flying tent used on adventure trips around the globe can already be found on social networks such as Instagram.


Autumn special offer

The slogan for autumn is: Adventures are never our of season. To provide motivation for autumn and the upcoming holidays, there will be heavy discounts on for those who want to secure a flying tent this autumn.

Impressed by the team

Last year, Heinrich Prokop and Marloes Vermans from Clever Clover emphasised in the show “2 minutes 2 million” that, aside from the product, they were particularly impressed by the team. The team comprises Director David Dietrich, Product Developer Joachim Leitgeb, the Outdoor Specialist Eva Riesemann, Marketing Executive Bettina Wenigwieser and Back Office Manager Petra Köppel.

Product variety

The product range will soon be expanded by innovative equipment for outdoor life. New products, particularly for the upcoming spring are expected to thrill outdoor fans. However, the company does not want to give away anything more at this point.

Away from digital but still digital

The difficult task of developing real, innovative products instead of apps appears almost old-fashioned, but actually, it is not. “Product innovations of the hardware and outdoor range can be marketed well online”, explains Director David Dietrich, addressing the company’s focus on online sales.

Adventure awaits you

Those of you who have been inspired to start your own adventure should order a flying tent as soon as possible and get excited by the stories in the blog of the startup. For, as the company emphasises, there is no low season for adventure.