We are happy to announce that we provide new gear by Light My Fire in our shop.
The Swedish company designs cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils that can be used in a variety of situations. Check out our list of camping essentials you want to pack.


Swedish FireSteel 2.0®

The Light My Fire magnesium fire steel makes it easy to build a fire in any weather and at any altitude. The spark is around 2.980°C degrees and the fire steel works even in wet conditions. The tool is light and compact and offers up to 3000 strikes – really hot stuff.


Grandpa’s FireFork™

Use it to grill marshmallows and hot dogs or just about anything else you can come up with. The fire fork comes with a storage safety cap and attaches firmly to practically any stick; no need to cut fresh branches. It is made from a single piece of stainless-steel wire and is strong enough to support heavier food items without bending or collapsing.


Grandpa’s FireGrill™

Designed for the gourmets among the campers – with the fire grill, you can grill almost anything. It is adjustable in height for various food. The grill is fixed with the Light My Fire firework and can be attached to any stick.


Spork Titanium

Nobody has to give up civilized eating manners. The Spork Titanium is a unique spoon-fork-knife utensil which supports eaters for all kind of food during a trip outdoors. The titanium is extreme strong which makes this tool solid and to last forever.

Spork Titanium by Light My Fire


FireLighting Kit™

You want them all? This kit offers you everything you need for your campfire dinner. It includes the fire steel, the fire fork and a tinder-on-a-rope as a natural fire-starter.


Black Pearl Campkit

You still want more? Also the Blackpearl Campkit offers you all necessary tools you need for your campfire.

Check out the flying tent Shop and find all these camping essentials. If you want more gear by Light My Fire check out the company’s website. Happy Camping 🙂