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Tips & FAQs2018-12-17T16:50:41+01:00
Where can I buy the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:24:42+01:00

Online from our web shop or from a designated distributor.

What functions does the flying tent have?2018-12-11T21:26:27+01:00

The flying tent is a hammock-tent, bivy-tent and rain poncho all in one.

What payment options do I have?2018-12-11T21:38:56+01:00

The following payment methods are offered:

How long will delivery take?2018-12-11T21:36:17+01:00

It depends on the country we are shipping to but typically between 2-14 days. Follow the link for more info about our delivery conditions

Do I receive an order confirmation?2018-12-11T21:37:15+01:00
Yes. As soon as you confirm your order by clicking on ‘Order’ you will receive an invoice by email confirming your order.
Do I receive any delivery info?2018-12-11T21:37:33+01:00

Yes. As soon as your delivery is ready to be dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number.

What can I do with this tracking number?2018-12-11T21:37:51+01:00
With the tracking number you can track your package every step of the way and can also find the expected delivery date.
Do I need a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat in the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:38:14+01:00
Yes. Both of these items will improve the comfort for you when inside the flying tent.
How do I use the FT Underquilt 150?2018-12-11T21:39:33+01:00

The ft underquilt 150 provides additional insulation when fitted under the flying tent. Due to this additional layer no warmth escapes and no cold gets in from underneath keeping you warmer on those colder nights.

If I order the tent from a Non-EU country, will there be additional customs charges?2018-12-11T21:40:08+01:00
Yes. Please clarify this beforehand with the responsible customs authority in your country. The customs declaration will include the VAT.
How do I send the goods back?2018-12-11T21:40:33+01:00

Here you will find all the details regarding our returns policy.

What is included with the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:41:14+01:00
You will receive the flying tent: Hammock/rain poncho, mosquito net and rainfly. In addition you will also receive 2 carabiners, 4 tent pegs, 2  hammock straps, 2 tree straps and 2 guy ropes with a belt for easy mounting.
How heavy is the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:41:42+01:00

Just the tent weighs 1880g and then 2450g including all the accessories.

Does the flying tent come in different sizes?2018-12-11T21:42:01+01:00

No. Anyone up to a height of 2m will have adequate space inside the flying tent.

What is the maximum weight the flying tent can support?2018-12-11T21:42:54+01:00

The maximum weight is 120kg.

How many people can the flying tent accommodate?2018-12-11T21:43:31+01:00
1 adult or 2 children under supervision.
What are the dimensions of the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:43:54+01:00

The interior provides 270cm x 110cm x 55cm of space for you.

How can I use all the different features of the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:44:15+01:00
  1. As a hammock-tent you can hang it between two trees using the provided accessories and following the provided instructions.
  2. As a bivy-tent you pitch the flying tent on the ground. Then you secure the flying tent with the tent pegs and the guy ropes.
  3. As a hammock you need to first open the big zip and then remove the mosquito net and the rainfly from the bottom half of the flying tent. Finally you hang the flying tent between two trees and secure with the tree straps and the guy ropes, in accordance with the provided instructions.
  4. As a rain poncho you need to first remove the carabiners from the hammock, then open the front side of the flying tent and finally pull the rain poncho over your head.
How long does it take to pitch the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:44:31+01:00

Pitching your tent is made easy due to our innovative Pop-Up-System. The tent will be ready in the blink of an eye.

What is the minimum and maximum distance between two trees when hanging the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:44:52+01:00

The optimal distance between the trees is anything between 4m – 7m.

On which surfaces can the bivy-tent be used?2018-12-11T21:45:07+01:00

The bivy-tent is suitable for any normal camping conditions such as in a field, in a wooded area, on gravel or on sand.

How do I pitch the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:45:37+01:00

Here you will find a video explaining everything.

How do I take down the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:45:49+01:00

Here you will find a video explaining everything.

Which materials are used in the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:46:00+01:00

100% Nylon Ripstop, transparent PU coated, DRW silicon finish; hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm

100% Nylon, transparent PU coated, hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm

Mosquito net:
100% Polyester, fine hole mesh

In which weather conditions will I be protected from the elements?2018-12-11T21:46:14+01:00

As long as you aren’t chasing hurricanes and you avoid extreme storms with excessive winds then you will be kept warm and dry in your flying tent.

Is the flying tent breathable?2018-12-11T21:46:29+01:00

The rain fly and hammock are not however the mosquito net is of course breathable. The flying tent has a very good ventilation system, which provides adequate fresh air.

What are condensation and the circulation of air like in the tent?2018-12-11T21:46:48+01:00

Due to the very well designed ventilation system, there will be little to no build up of condensation in the flying tent.

How was the flying tent tested and is it certified?2018-12-11T21:47:01+01:00

The Institute of Hanse Control carried out a stress test on the flying tent. The materials used are all Öko-Tex certified.

What is the length of the warranty for the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:47:12+01:00

The length of the warranty is regulated by law and will be for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery.

How can I become a reseller of the flying tent?2018-12-11T21:47:34+01:00
Were any of your questions not answered in the above FAQ’s?2018-12-11T21:47:51+01:00