• ft hook buckle 30mm

    1,45 incl. 20% VAT
    Duraflex Ghost Eye Tension Lock with hook (for rainfly)
  • ft mini buckle 10mm

    1,45 incl. 20% VAT
    Duraflex clip buckle set (male/female) where the coloured 10 mm webbings are fixed
  • ft v pegs 180mm ocean view

    2,45 incl. 20% VAT
    with red paracord 4 pieces
  • ft v pegs 180mm grasshopper

    2,45 incl. 20% VAT
    with yellow paracord 4 pieces!
  • with olive paracord 4 pieces


    199,00 149,00 incl. 20% VAT
    DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE COLD: THE FLYING TENT® UNDERQUILT 150 The flying tent® underquilt 150 keeps you warm on the bottom and sides. An additional highlight, the underquilt is equipped with a hood. This allows you to use it as a parka too. We place high importance on quality of our materials and workmanship. All underquilt materials are Oeko-Tex100 certified and MADE IN EUROPE.     

    flyingtent® COMBO

    498,00 349,00 incl. 20% VAT
    This combiproduct includes: 1x FLYING TENT® + 1x FT UNDERQUILT 150
    Choose your color:

    flying tent®

    299,00 249,00 incl. 20% VAT
      • grasshopper (green)
      • oceanview (blue)
      • sunset (orange)
      • camouflage
    flying tent® is characterized by a high degree of functionality, innovation and user-orientation. The technically innovative and patented functional design is based on the simplistic function of throw tents and allows for easy and quick setup. ALL INCLUDED AND PREINSTALLED IN THE PACKAGE
    Choose your color: