Opinel T.O. no.8, khaki

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Once upon a time in the French Alps...
The Opinel knife is named after the Opinel family from the Savoie region in the heart of the French Alps. In 1890, Joseph Opinel invented a small folding knife that would eventually become a must-have item of French “savoir-vivre”. It’s now considered a design icon throughout the world.

The Opinel Spirit
Opinel is about the simple life, being close to nature, and passing this on from one generation to the next.

The Iconic No. 08
Simple, sturdy, efficient and easy to use, this essential tool remains unchanged since 1890 but is unmatched in its design. Raw material and colors may vary from one collection to another, but its style remains deeply steeped in history and tradition.

This timeless knife is for people who enjoy the outdoors, a must-have tool for professional or amateur handymen. It is used everywhere from the garden to the table, a knife that is given as a gift and passed down to loved ones.




Opinel expertise has been passed down from the company's beginnings by creating simple, efficient and durable objects combined with innovative manufacturing processes that guarantee excellent value for your money.

The Opinel knife has 5 different components: the handle, the shell ring, the rivet, the rotating lock ring and the blade.

Knives made in France
Since its creation in 1890, the company has been manufacturing its knives in the heart of the French Alps. Today our plant in Chambéry (Savoie, France) covers a surface area of almost 60,000 square-feet and employs 110 people, of which 60 work directly in production.

All our products (traditional pocket-knives with carbon steel and stainless steel blades, specialist pocket-knives, sharp slim pocket-knives, garden tools, elegant table knives, etc.) are entirely manufactured in our factory in Chambéry.


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